Searching your Collection

Book Collector Connect offers several ways to quickly find books in your collection:

Using the Search box

The easiest and quickest way to find one particular book. Just type (part of) the book's title in the box and hit the Search button. Your list will show the matching results.

You can also enter a barcode in the box. This will give you the exact book immediately.

In both cases, you can return to your full collection list by clicking the little "x" button that appears to the right of the search box.

Using the A-Z bar

At the top of every Browse page, there's a bar listing all letters from A to Z. Clicking a letter will give you all books whose Title starts with that letter.

You can cancel this filter by clicking the small 'X' that will appear just below the A - Z.

More on searching can be found in the Enjoying & Sharing chapter of this manual.