Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #583

Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #583 Fever

DC Comics
Feb 1988
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / $0.75
Writer John Wagner, Alan Grant
Penciller Norm Breyfogle
Inker Kim DeMulder
Colorist Adrienne Roy
Letterer Todd Klein
Cover Artist Mike Mignola
Editor Denny O'Neil
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker)
Batman finds some kids beating up a security guard and putting him on fire, only to discover they are high on a new designer drug called "Fever"; the police inform Batman where Fever is made, but the place is locked up so tight that the drugs are flushed away before they can ever get in; The Ventriloquist puts 2 men on 'trial' for losing $50K, kills one but allows the other ("The Fatman") to live by going to Mexico to smuggle goods back to Gotham; Batman breaks into the Fever stronghold and gets one of the pushers to give up the name Scarface.