Funky Barn 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

Funky Barn 3D

Ubisoft / 2012 (Tantalus Int.)
/ Cartridge
Run your own 3D funky and frenzied farm! Ready to make some wool? Pop your sheep into The Shearing Machine and he will hilariously cannonball out, surprised but shorn. Ready to harvest your crops? Hook up the Flying FruitBox-Haybale-Copter that flies around crazily picking up boxes of fruit and grain. With tons of wacky contraptions and goofy animals, Funky Barn 3D, the first farm simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS, is not your average farm game.

  • Raise & manage quirky animals each with their own challenges & eccentric personalities, and that comically interact (i.e. cows love playing with pigs and will do anything to do so, even crash through fences)
  • Use new-fangled farm contraptions, such as:
    • The Shearing Machine: grab full fleece sheep and throw them into the machine that spits them out shorn
    • The Flying FruitBox-Haybale-Copter: flying machine that picks up boxes of fruit or grain
    • The Egg Collector: looks like a giant egg with boots; collects and sells eggs
  • Hands-on farming: via touch screen, shake trees to make fruit fall, build gardens, throw unsuspecting cows into a milking machine, or even shake a cow while it's eating a strawberry to create strawberry milk
  • Strategically build your infrastructure & manage your budget: build water pumps, lay down roads, balance your budget, purchase farm dogs to keep pests away, and keep pollution at bay by planting trees
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