Are you currently using our Movie Collector desktop software for Windows or macOS? Then please consider switching to the Movie Connect web-based software.
Currently, Movie Connect is our recommended and most popular movie database solution. Full-featured but easier to use and easier to manage, that is, compared to your current desktop software.

Trade-in offer:
Switch to Connect and get 4 months FREE!

To help you decide, we have a sweet deal for you:
If you switch to Movie Connect now, we will trade-in your remaining Movie Collector subscription days and will transfer them to the Connect edition, plus we will add 4 extra months for FREE!

Of course, your existing data will be preserved, all you need to do is make sure your CLZ Cloud is up-to-date (in Movie Collector, just use Sync with CLZ Cloud one more time). All your data will then be instantly available in Movie Connect!

Ready to make the switch? Here’s how to:

  • First, make sure your CLZ Cloud is up-to-date.
    Start Movie Collector, then from the CLZ Cloud menu, choose Synchronize.
  • Then, login to your account at
  • Finally in the Movie Collector box, under “Trade-in offer”,
    click the button that says “Switch me over!” and follow instructions.

Try Movie Connect free for 7 days

Of course, you can try Movie Connect first. Here’s how:

  • First, make sure your CLZ Cloud is up-to-date.
    In Movie Collector, just Sync with CLZ Cloud.
  • Now login to Movie Connect here with your existing CLZ Account.
    This will automatically start your 7-day free trial.

What exactly is Movie Connect?

Movie Connect is an alternative to the Movie Collector software, for use on computers. Whereas your current Movie Collector is downloadable software that you install on your own PC or Mac, Movie Connect is fully web-based, with the software running on our servers and your data stored in the CLZ Cloud.
Connect has been around since 2009 and offers all the features and customization options you need to manage your movie collection.

To use the Movie Connect software, you just login to the Connect website with your web-browser, from any computer. No need to install software on your computer, no need to ever update software anymore, no need to manage database files, images files, backups, etc.. We manage it all for you.

Of course Movie Connect offers everything you need to manage your movie collection:

  • Add movies by title, by scanning barcodes or by IMDb Nr/URL
  • Edit movies to customize details and cover images (front/back) or to add personal info.
  • Available fields in the Edit screen:
    Title, Sort Title, Title Extension, Original Title, Series, Genres, Release Date, Is TV Series (yes/no), Runtime, Audience Rating, Country, Language, Studio, Collection Status, Index, Quantity, Location, Format, Barcode, Distributor, Edition, Color/BW, Edition Release Date, Packaging, Discs, Box Set, Extras, Region, Screen Ratios, Subtitles, HDR, Layers, Audio Tracks, Condition, Owner, Purchase Date, Purchase Store, Purchase Price, Current Value, Storage Device, Storage Slot, Seen (yes/no), Seen Date, Seen Where, Rating, Notes, Tags, Plot, Front Cover, Back Cover
  • Edit multiple movies in one go, for making changes to many movies quickly.
  • Automatic daily updates to IMDb Ratings and Votes.
  • Manage multiple sub-collections as tabs at the bottom.
  • Image View, Card View, customizable List View columns, multi-field sorting, etc…
  • Choose from multiple Skins and Templates
  • Group movie into folders (inc multi-level) in the folder panel, by Format, Actor, Director, Genre, etc..
  • Sync your movie database with the CLZ Movies mobile app.
  • Print lists using the fully customizable Print to PDF tool.
  • Also: Manage Pick Lists, Loan Manager, Statistics, Find Duplicates, CSV Export/Import, Backup/Restore, Field Defaults, etc..

Movie Connect pricing

The price of Movie Connect is either US $2.95 per month or US $29.95 per year, the same as your Movie Collector software. Note that Movie Connect is subscription software, so you always need an active subscription to use it.

Why switch to Movie Connect?

These are the main advantages of Movie Connect (compared to the Movie Collector desktop software):

  1. Easier to manage:
    No need to install or update software on your own computer, no need to deal with database files, image files, settings files or backup files. The software and data is on our servers, we manage and update it for you, we even make daily backups of your data.
  2. Easier to use:
    The Connect user interface is slick and modern, designed to be as clear and easy-to-use as possible, while still providing all the power of the desktop software.
    Click here for lots of Movie Connect screen shots.
  3. No more problems with Windows/macOS configurations and 3rd party software:
    Connect is basically “just” a website you go to with your browser, so no more problems with file and folder permissions or OS updates, no more conflicts with 3rd party products like firewall programs, security software, virus scanners, cloud storage tools (Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc…).
  4. Fast and smooth:
    Connect is a more lightweight solution, that runs fast and smooth on any computer, even with very large movie databases. All you need is a reasonably fast internet connection.
  5. Use on multiple computers:
    Work on your database from any online computer or mobile device. No need to install software, no need to sync your data back and forth. Just login and instantly work on your up-to-date CLZ Cloud data.
    Got a new computer? No need to transfer software and data, just login and go!

8 signs that Connect would be a better solution for you

Do you recognize yourself in these statements?

  1. You think of yourself as “not very computer literate”.
  2. You dread running updates, for fear of losing data or running into problems.
  3. You have indeed lost data or images in the past.
  4. You have indeed have run into conflicts with your firewall or security software.
  5. You have database files, image files and backup files scattered all over your computer.
  6. The name of your database file is “Backup of Backup of Backup of mycollection …”.
  7. You’re using Movie Collector on multiple computers and sync between them.
  8. You are using (or would like to use) Movie Collector on Windows AND macOS.

However, Movie Connect is not going to work for you, if you:

  • need to catalog and link to movie files on your local computer.
  • need to customize or manually enter your cast and crew listings.
  • need to customize or manually enter episode lists for TV Series.
  • need User Defined Fields (consider using Notes and Tags).

Why do we like to see you switch?

Given the great trade-in deal we are offering you, it is probably clear that we would like to see most users to switch to Connect. Here’s why:

  1. Fewer problems, fewer support questions:
    Connect being web-based means it is way less prone to computer or configuration specific problems, which means fewer support questions. Giving us more time to work on the software!
  2. Easier to help you:
    And even if you do run into a problem, it is much easier for us to help you, as we can login to your account and see what you see. We can even fix data problems for you, remotely.
  3. All users are always on the latest version:
    So when dealing with support questions there’s no confusion about software versions, no problem reports about bugs that have already been fixed.
  4. Quick bug fixes without releasing new software:
    In case of problems or bugs, we can easily and quickly fix bugs, without having to release new builds, without users having to download updates.
  5. Development is faster and easier:
    In general, web-based development is faster, easier and gives us complete flexibility to design the user interface exactly as we like it to be, without the constraints of Windows or macOS or PC/Mac development tools.

Common questions about Connect

  • Q: Can I still use my CLZ Movies mobile app with Connect?
    A: Yes definitely, nothing changes there. Movie Connect is only a replacement for your Movie Collector desktop software. You can keep using CLZ Movies as you always did, syncing it with the CLZ Cloud.
  • Q: Does using Movie Connect mean I need to be online to access my movie list?
    A: Yes, that is correct. Movie Connect is basically a website that you to log in to, so you need a stable and reasonable fast internet connection to use it.
  • Q: If I switch to Movie Connect, what happens if my subscription expires?
    A: Connect is actual subscription software, so you always need an active subscription to use it. If your subscription expires, you won’t be able to add or edit movies anymore.
    Don’t worry, your data will not be deleted, we will keep your data in the CLZ Cloud, you can still see it, browse it, export it, make a local backup, etc…
  • Q: With Movie Connect, can I still make local backups of my data?
    A: Sure you can. You can make local backups with the Backup feature, or export you data to a CSV for XML file.
  • Q: Do you offer the same Trade-In offer for all Collector desktop programs?
    A: Yes, definitely, the same Trade-In offer holds for all your Collector programs. In fact, if you are gonna switch, I recommend switching for all of them in one go!
  • Q: What if I am already subscribed to Movie Connect?
    A: In that case, the Trade-In offer is still applicable. We can still transfer your remaining Movie Collector subscription days to Connect, so that you can switch to using Movie Connect ONLY and save some money.
  • Q: Are you planning to discontinue the Movie Collector desktop version?
    A: There are no plans to discontinue development or support of the desktop version.
    However, after 11 years, the Connect editions are now mature products, with a set of features and customization options that are fully sufficient for most users. We are currently trying to get those users to switch to Movie Connect, so that they can enjoy a system that is easier-to-use and easier to manage, hopefully reducing our support load.
    In other words: we have two solutions for desktop computers, Movie Collector and Movie Connect. Movie Collector is better for one type of user, Movie Connect is the better option for another type of user. With our trade-in offer (that works both ways), we are trying to make sure every user is using the solution that suits them best.

Still got questions or concerns? Just contact us!

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about Movie Connect, contact us here and we will get back to you ASAP.

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