Music Collector Connect

Catalog your music collection online

Automatic song lists and cover art.
Just enter artists & titles or scan barcodes.
What will Music Collector Connect do for you?

  • Easily add CDs or LPs to your database. Just enter artist and title for automatic song lists & cover art.
  • Access your album list from anywhere and any device. Just go to the Connect site on any PC, Mac, phone or tablet device.
  • Share your collection list with friends and family. Just email your public web-link or post it to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Try it FREE for 30 days. US $24.95
    per year

Note: This is an online application, that you can log into from any online computer, using just your web-browser.
If you prefer downloadable software, that you can install on your own PC or Mac, then check out our Music Collector.